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From: Mark Reid
Subject: The Adventures of Pete Cordell, College Daze, Chapter 1This story is a continuation of Lessons Learned.” It is the story of Pete’s
first great love, John Hampton. This is a story of gay men performing
consensual sex acts with other gay men. If you are underage or if these
stories violate the law where you live, then please don’t read. Also, if
such acts disgust or outrage you, then again, please don’t read. Note that
in these stories, unsafe sex does occur, but remember this was in the days
before HIV had made it’s way into the South. Please know this: Every
sexually active person, gay or straight, should be tested regularly for
HIV. Knowing your’s and your partner’s status can save your life!My thanks to C.J. and Glynn for their careful editing.College DazeOn the flight back to New Orleans after spending the weekend with my friend
John and his brother-in-law Sean (see Lessons Learned), my mind went back
to the days when John and I first met, many years ago.Part 1 It was the beginning of the fall semester of 1980, and my parents
had just moved me into my dorm at FSU (that is, Florida State
University). By the time we had gotten me settled in and had dinner, it was
nearly midnight when they returned me to the dorm. As I walked up to my
room, it seemed as if I was the only one there. Of course, with classes not
starting for a week yet, it made sense. I wanted to get here early so that
I could figure out where everything was, so I came as soon as the dorm
opened. Walking into my room, I sniffed my nearly hairless armpits. “Yep,”
I thought. “I definitely need a shower before going to bed.” Stripping off
my clothes, and, wrapping a towel around my waist, I made my way to the
communal shower.
As I entered the shower room, it was empty, as I expected. As I found
a shower- head and got the temperature just right, I looked around. This
was a communal shower in every since of the word. There were no partitions
anywhere, simply rows of shower- heads lining two of the walls. At Pthc Preteen the
other end of the room, a doorway led in the next room, which was lined with
sinks and toilets. “At least the toilets are partitioned, “I thought. As
the deliciously hot water started pouring over my body, I thought about all
of the hot bodies, dicks and asses I would invariably be facing in this
room. This thought got my dick to rising. Grabbing some soap, I started to
lazily soap up my body. Not to sound vain, I’ve got a great body. I’m 6
feet tall, and weigh 185 lbs. I’d been working out for 2 years, and you can
tell. I’ve got great pecs, and my biceps, when flexed, are the size of
tennis balls. The abs are not quite a six-pack, but I’m working on it. My
legs are proportionate with the rest of me, and my ass is firm and
tight. Except for a patch of blonde hair around my dick and a few sparse
hairs under my arms, I am basically hairless
I rubbed the soap deeply into my pecs, and started tweaking my
nipples, making them erect almost immediately. I moaned as I started
tugging on them, harder and harder. The sound of my voice in the cavernous
room startled me. “What if somebody hears me?” I thought. Then I remembered
that I was the only one there. With that thought, I took the soap and
started on my dick and balls. My dick was already hard, all 8 1/2 thick
inches of it, and I pulled the foreskin back to clean underneath. I then
pulled it forward, and started tugging on it with one hand while I soaped
up my hairless balls with the other. Pulling on my hairless balls, I
started stroking my hard dick, gently at first, then with more force, as I
got more and more excited. Taking my hand away from my balls, I grabbed the
soap and, reaching behind me, started to soap up my butt, paying special
attention to my butt Pthc Preteen crack. I moaned loudly as I ran the bar of soap over
my pucker. I then took a soapy finger and gently inserted it into my ass. I
closed my eyes, and proceeded to jack off, sawing first one, then two, and
finally three fingers, in and out of my hungry ass. As this continued, the
noise coming from my lips grew louder and louder as I got closer and closer
to shooting my load. Then I heard a noise! Opening my eyes, I saw a hot,
naked guy standing in the doorway, hard dick in hand. I froze.
“Don’t stop on my account,” he said, stroking his dick. “Watching you
stroke that big dick and fucking your ass with your fingers is the hottest
thing I’ve seen in a while.” Continuing to stroke his dick, he asked, “Can
I join you?” And that was how I met Terry.
I later found out that Terry was a junior, and was here on a full
baseball scholarship. He, like most baseball players, had a great body,
with strong arms and chest, and a light coating of black hair on his chest,
running down in a trail to his thick bush. He had hazel eyes that gazed at
me with lust as he moved across the room toward me. He also had a baseball
player’s legs and butt. I think that it has to do with all the crouching
they have to do while waiting for the ball. He had a big, firm bubble-butt,
and his thighs were the size of tree trunks, covered with more black
down. And his dick? Well actually it was just average, about 6″ long and
moderately thick, with a pair of good-sized hairy balls hanging beneath
them. As he approached, I determined that at 5′10″, he was about two inches
shorter than me.
When he reached me, he pulled my soapy body against him, and started
to rub against me. He leaned forward, and kissed me deeply. I returned the
kiss, and our tongues started fencing as I felt his dick pressing up
between my balls. The feeling as my dick slid up and down over his six-pack
abs was incredible. We continued with this for several minutes until Terry
pulled back, and grabbing my erect nipples, started pulling ferociously. I
moaned loudly, and returned the favor, grabbing his half-dollar sized brown
nipples and twisting, hard. His moans echoed mine, and as we continued to
play with each other’s nipples, our dicks started to do a sword dance,
slapping each other as we rotated our hips.
After several minutes, Terry reached down and grabbed my dick.
“Damn! This thing’s huge!” he cried. Bending over, he slipped my
foreskin up over my head.
“God! I love uncut cocks!” he said as he bent and took the skin in his
mouth. He started licking the head, sticking his tongue inside of it, and
finally started to chew on my crinkly skin. My moans grew louder and louder
as he chewed harder and harder.
“You sure can take it,” he said, as he, getting on his knees and
opening his mouth, proceeded to swallow my cock.
“Damn! This guy is good!” I thought as my dick made its way into the
back of his throat. The feeling of it as Terry moved up and down my dick
was incredible, and grabbing the back of his head, I started to fuck those
sweet lips, pounding his face, my balls slapping against his chin.
After pounding that throat for several minutes, I realized that I was
close to coming. I pulled out and, grabbing him under the arms, lifted him
to his feet. “My turn,” I said and proceeded to chow down on that thick
dick. The moans he made as I chewed on the glans and swallowed that dick
were gratifying. He then proceeded to fuck my face as I had fucked his. I
relaxed my throat and took it.
After a while, he pulled out and said, “That’s incredible, but I don’t
want to come yet.” Grabbing the bar of soap, he turned around and said,
“Wash my back?”
“Be glad to,” I replied and started to soap up that v-shaped
back. After finishing his back, I ignored his ass for the moment, bending
down and soaping his thighs and calves. Reaching Pthc Preteen
his feet, I took one,
lifted it up, and started sucking his toes.
“God, I love that!” he cried, as I took one after another of his toes
into my Pthc Preteen
mouth. Returning back up his legs, I started to kiss all over his
hairless butt-cheeks, finally separating them with my hands, exposing Pthc Preteen Pthc Preteen
pink pucker hiding in his hair there. I dived in, licking and sucking that
hole as if my life depended on it. His groans got louder and louder as I
stuck my tongue deep inside his hole. The taste was incredible. After
getting that hole relaxed and flexible, I stood up and soaped up his
butt. Pulling him against me, I started rubbing my dick into his hairy
butt-crack. Up and down my dick slid as I teased him for the coming
attraction. As I did this, I grabbed his huge nipples and started tugging,
hard. His moans continued to grow in strength, and I knew that if I touched
his dick, he would shoot. Since I wanted to avoid this, I kept my hands on
his chest, pulling on his nipples with great force.
After a while, he said “So, are you going to fuck me with that big
dick, or what?”
“Do you want me to?”
“Hell yes! Take that monster and plow me hard! Make me know that a
real man’s fucking me!”
Who was I to argue to Pthc Preteen with that? Taking the soap, I lubricated my hand
and inserted a finger into his butt. Then I added a second, sawing back and
forth, widening that hole for my big dick. Finally, I added a third finger,
and Terry said “Stop teasing me, damn it! Stick that big dick in!
With that encouragement, I soaped up my dick, lined my head up with
that hole, and slowly pushed forward. He yelled in apparent pain and I
stopped. But Terry was having none of that. Leaning back, he impaled
himself on my dick, taking the entire thing into his hot hole in one fell
swoop. “God yes!” he cried. “Now fuck me like you mean it!”
Taking him at his word, I started sawing my dick in and out of that
hot, wet hole, with more and more force. Grabbing his hips, I started
plowing away, my balls slapping his thighs with every stroke. Terry started
moaning unintelligibly, “Oh, God! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Over
and over again he cried out as I brutally fucked that hole.
After a little while, I felt my balls tightening up and my sperm
making it’s way up my shaft. Reaching around him, I grabbed his dick and
started pounding it as hard as I could. After only a few strokes, he
screamed, Pthc Preteen “I’m coming!” and proceeded to shoot stream after stream of hot
fuck-juice onto the bathroom floor. The clenching of his ass set me off,
and I unloaded what felt like a huge load of come deep into his clenching
After we both returned to reality, he disengaged and turning toward
me, kissed me deeply. Pulling away, he said “By the way, I’m Terry.” I
laughed and sticking out my hand, grabbed him by the dick and said “Pleased
to meet you, Terry. I’m Pete,” shaking his still-hard dick firmly. This set
him off, and his laughter got me laughing. After we calmed down, I kissed
him deeply and, saying good night, returned to my room to sleep the sleep
of the sated. End of Part 1
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